Student Feedback Form - Primary

Click on the response that best reflects your appraisal of the course, instructor, and what you learned. Please be candid. Your comments are especially welcomed.
* = required
About the Course
We need a few minutes of your time to give us some feedback on the courses you took this semester. The purposes of these are to provide feedback to your instructor and the department chair about the quality of the course and to help GW assess what you learned in the course. Your input is very important. Please take a few minutes to give your feedback now! Only selected courses are requesting feedback online at this time. Please note that all responses are strictly confidential. Upon completion the evaluation is sent to a secured site; no identifying markers (e.g., email address) are attached to your evaluation.
What are your primary reasons for taking this course? (Select all that apply)
     O Fulfills general curriculum/education requirement
     O Required for major, minor, or program
     O Interested in subject
     O Reputation or peer recommendation of instructor
     O Fits into my schedule
     O Advisor recommended course
     O Friends recommended course
     O Other
  If you selected 'other' as a primary reason, please comment.
* The course covered all its stated objectives.
      O                        O                       O                        O                       O                       O
     (1)                       (2)                     (3)                      (4)                      (5)             Not applicable/
Not at all                                                                                        Completely          No opinion
Which teaching methods and approaches used by the instructor contributed significantly to your learning? (Select all that apply)
     O Lectures (including online lectures)
     O Class discussions (including online discussion boards)
     O In-class clickers or other quick response methods
     O In-class learning activities (other than discussion)
     O Outside-class homework, readings
     O Labs
     O Projects or portfolios
     O Teamwork or group activities
     O Student presentations
     O Guest lecturers
     O Fieldwork/field trips
    O Writing
     O Other
  If you selected 'other' as a primary reason, please comment.
Were you academically prepared (through appropriate prior coursework, prerequisites, etc.) to take this class?
     O Yes
     O No
* How much time, on average, did you spend per week outside of class doing coursework for this course such as readings, assignments, reviewing notes, writing papers, studying for exams, working with peers on classwork, preparing for class?
     O Less than one hour
     O 1-2 hours
     O 3-4 hours
     O 5-6 hours
     O 7-8 hours
     O 9-10 hours
     O 11-12 hours
     O 13-15 hours
     O More than 15 hours
Which of the following were significant aspects of the efforts you put in for the course?
     O Memorizing facts and repeating ideas from the readings and lectures.
     O Applying basic elements of an idea, experience, or theory.
     O Synthesizing and organizing ideas, information, or experiences.
     O Making judgments about the value of information, arguments, or methods.
     O Applying theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations.
     O Solving problems
     O Thinking creatively or critically
     O Teamwork or group activities
     O Reading for deep understanding
     O Presenting in person or via a recording
     O Doing lab work
     O Writing
     O Other
  If you selected 'Other' as significant aspect of effort, please comment.
Overall, how would you rate your level of intellectual challenge in the course?
      O                        O                        O                        O                       O                     O
     (1)                       (2)                      (3)                      (4)                      (5)           Not applicable/
 Not at all                                                                                              Very            No opinion
challenged                                                                                        challenged
* Rate how much you learned in the course.
     O                         O                        O                        O                       O                     O
     (1)                       (2)                      (3)                      (4)                      (5)           Not applicable/
  Almost                                                                                          A great deal       No opinion
I put a lot of effort into doing the best work possible in this class.
      O                        O                        O                        O                       O                     O
     (1)                       (2)                      (3)                      (4)                      (5)           Not applicable/
 Strongly                                                                                      Strongly agree      No opinion
Use this space for comments on strengths of the course.
Use this space to provide suggestions on how to improve this course.
Rate the instructor on the following.
Was knowledgeable about the subject and course material.
               O                   O                  O                   O                  O                         O
              (1)                  (2)                (3)                 (4)                 (5)               Not applicable/
        Not at all                                                                           Very                No opinion
     knowledgable                                                              knowledgeable
Was enthusiastic about the topic or subject.
               O                   O                  O                   O                  O                         O
              (1)                  (2)                (3)                 (4)                 (5)               Not applicable/
       No or little                                                                   Great deal of          No opinion
    enthusiastism                                                                  enthusiasm
* The instructor treats all students with respect.
               O                   O                  O                   O                  O                         O
              (1)                  (2)                (3)                 (4)                 (5)               Not applicable/
          Strongly                                                                Strongly agree          No opinion
Designed and used fair grading procedures.
               O                   O                  O                   O                  O                        O
              (1)                  (2)                (3)                 (4)                 (5)               Not applicable/
          Not fair                                                                        Very fair             No opinion
Provided adequate and timely feedback on exams/papers/performance.
               O                   O                  O                   O                  O                        O
              (1)                  (2)                (3)                 (4)                 (5)              Not applicable/
        Not at all                                                                       Excellent            No opinion
What is your overall rating of the instructor?
                    O                        O                        O                        O                       O
                   (1)                       (2)                      (3)                      (4)                      (5)
                  Poor                                                                                               Excellent