Student Feedback

GW has been collecting student feedback electronically since 2004.  In fall 2015, a new system was adopted and made available to all schools and departments.  This new Student Feedback system replaces the old Online Course Evaluation system (OCE). 

The Student Feedback system was selected by faculty to address limitations of the previous system.  Here are some of the new features: 

  • Co-taught courses will have multiple instructors listed on the same form.
  • Cross-listed courses will have results more easily combined.
  • Departments will have more flexibility in choosing student feedback dates.
  • Instructors will have results automatically emailed to them as a PDF when results are released.

The feedback provided by students may be used in three important ways:

  • By instructors in considering improvements to the course and its instructional methods.
  • As part of professional reviews of instructors’ teaching performance.
  • In departmental, program, school, and university assessments of what students are learning.

Student feedback better encompasses the goal of student surveys regarding course instruction and content. While this feedback is important, evaluation is more appropriate of faculty, chairs, and deans.