Process for Students

  1. On the first day of a feedback period, students receive an email requesting their feedback to their courses. Students will receive periodic reminders.
  2. Once a student has responded to all courses open for feedback, that student will no longer receive any reminder emails.
  3. Students are allowed to Re-take their feedback.  To have this feature available, student must have provided feedback to all courses open for feedback at the time.  Then all the courses will be displayed, and any course with live period will have a Re-take button available.  This will erase what was previously submitted and the feedback form will be blank. To log into the system, please visit
  4. There are some students who do not have access: Auditing students and students without a GW UserID. Auditing students may not have the same requirements as a student who is enrolled for credit.  This is a system-wide rule.  Also, students who do not have a GW UserID will not have access.  That is how users are authenticated to log into the system. If a student does not have an active GW UserID or forgot the password, please visit