Internal Questionnaire Policy

The role of the Office of Survey Research and Analysis (SRA) is to help reduce survey fatigue in the GW community.  Surveys administered to large groups of students, faculty, and/or staff will need to be reviewed by the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Assessment.  SRA assists by reviewing surveys, calculating appropriate sample sizes, and selecting samples.

On an annual basis all students, faculty, and staff are included in the sampling frame.  As surveys are reviewed, approved, and conducted by the university, the pool of students, faculty, and staff is reduced.  Our goal is that each student, faculty, or staff member will only be surveyed once during the academic year with special interest surveys.  There are some surveys that would not exclude a person from the sampling pool (e.g., Graduation Survey).  These surveys are of that full population and part of the goal is to not disenfranchise that group's opinion or experience from other surveys.

View the Survey Request Form.

View the official GW Policy on Internal Questionnaires.

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