Process for Administrators

Steps to set up your school or department in the Student Feedback system.

  1. Schools and department administrators may need access to 2 systems: Student Feedback Administration site to select courses and set dates.  Student Feedback system to preview questions and view results.

    If your department is currently not using the Student Feedback System, deans and department chairs can request access by emailing Kim Dam at [email protected].  Please include the subject codes that belong to your department or school.  Please contact us if your department/school needs someone new to have access.  Deans and department chairs may be granted access directly.  Other staff may also be added but will need approval from a dean or department chair.
  2. Select courses and the time period that the Student Feedback system would be open for each course via the Student Feedback Administration site (  Verify the correct instructor is listed.  Any course without an instructor will not be able to receive feedback.  Courses need to be set up at least 2 weeks in advance of the start date of the feedback period.  The system allows for GTAs to be listed; administrators just need to manually add them as an instructor.  These edits are for Student Feedback purposes only and do NOT update Banner.

    We ask schools and department choose dates from the Calendar of Feedback periods. Only if necessary, alternate dates can be selected.

    View the PDF document with detailed instructions on how to set up courses.
  3. About 1 week before the 1st of each month, courses with a start date in the upcoming month will be uploaded into the Student Feedback system. Schools and departments can log in and preview their courses. This will help confirm that your courses are in the system and that the appropriate questions are applied. Please notify Office of Survey Research and Analysis immediately if any changes need to be made. Corrections are harder to implement while the feedback period is open.
  4. About 3 weeks after the feedback periods close, the results are released for courses with at least 3 respondents.  Administrators can log into the Student Feedback system to view the released results.

    View the PDF document with detailed instructions on how to view or download results.
  5. The default question set was developed by a committee of faculty.  This question set is currently used in most courses.  If your school or department would like to add custom questions, please contact Kim Dam at [email protected] to learn about the process.